About Omni


Omni Technology Systems Ltd is at the forefront of developing software solutions that are not only compliant with International and European standards but also drive the evolution of these standards through active leadership and participation in various standardisation bodies.

Leadership in Standardisation

Our company is represented by our director, who holds significant positions in key standardisation organisations, underscoring our deep commitment to the advancement of global and European standards for eInvoicing and supply chain management.

  • CEN European Committee for Standardisation
    • Convener for eInvoice Registry Services: Leading efforts to establish and maintain a comprehensive registry for eInvoicing standards, facilitating easier access and adoption across Europe.
    • Convener of Test Methodologies and Results Work Stream: Developing robust testing methodologies to ensure the reliability and interoperability of eInvoicing systems across different technological platforms.
    • CEN BII Technical Editor on Architecture and Methodologies: Guiding the technical direction for business interoperability interfaces in eProcurement, shaping the frameworks that enable seamless cross-border business transactions.
  • NSAI e-Procurement Subcommittee
    • Chair: Steering the subcommittee’s focus on enhancing eProcurement practices across Ireland, aligning domestic standards with broader European regulations and practices.
    • Supply Chain Projects Coordinator: Coordinating international projects that enhance supply chain efficiency and compliance, leveraging advancements in EDI and cloud technologies.

Our Mission

At Omni, our mission is to empower businesses to navigate the complex landscape of international standards. Through our consulting services, we help businesses implement robust systems that not only comply with current standards but also adapt seamlessly to new regulations as they evolve.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to advancing the adoption and interoperability of eInvoicing and data exchange standards across industries. Our involvement in these high-level committees allows us to bring firsthand insights and advanced knowledge directly to our clients, ensuring they are always ahead in the compliance curve.